About Avalanche

Newly arrived to New York's St. Lawrence county – I am Michael Bryan, a web developer for over 12+ years recently relocated from Richmond, V.A.

I specialize in responsive website design and development for personal, business and gaming entertainment needs, with a focus on being easily updated by the client.

Personal Website Development

From blogs to photography sites and anything in between you can think of for your own personal purpose, I got you covered. I have been creating web sites for over 12+ years and have had clients reach out to me for all types of projects with various purposes, uses, functionality and aesthetics they desire. As it is your own personal website I find it imperative to keep you informed about every step of the development and design process, while taking in all your feedback and criticism – as this is your presence on the web!

Business Website Development

From a new to an established business I can develop a website with or without a prior marketing prescene, working with prexisting logos, color swatches/themes and content. Working directly with you or your marketing team, I will keep you constantly in the loop of the development process and timeline, making sure all your wishes are met. In the end you will have a site that is easily managed by your company, fully responsive among all devices your clientele may use and compels respect for your brand.

Gaming Website Development

Gaming entertainment websites are a speciality niche for myself I am proud to offer. With a lifetime experience being a gamer and a good portion of that being a content creator and provider for various titles, I know my stuff pretty well. So be it a game review blog, a portal for your content streaming, a website for a game modifiation to an actual standalone game, feel free to reach out to me and let's see how I can help you. 

I enjoy what I get to design & develop, check out my work.