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Web Development

Need a website from scratch? Want to convert your old, non-responsive website to one that is responsive and easily updated by yourself? If so, feel free to reach out to me and let me see what I can do for you, all consultations are risk free and at no charge. I build websites for personal, business and gaming entertainment needs, and take great pride in knowing that unless desired by you, your website is in your hands once fully designed and developed by me. This means you can update almost any facet of the website by yourself at no continual service and maintenance fee, but do not worry, once your project is ready to go live, I personally write how to's and manuals on how to update the website content. I am always here for you to reach out to also if ever needed, it may sound cliche, but if you are not happy as the client, I'm not happy myself.

Graphic Design

Graphics design a very broad term that encompasses all sorts of types and mediums. I specialize in digital graphics design, anything pertaining to media sent over the web or to be displayed on an electronic viewing device. Logos, eBrochures (PDF), email marketing templates and user interfaces for any range of uses are my focus. I mainly make use of my graphics design skills to incoporate into the websites I design and develop for clients, but feel free to reach out to me if you desire something for a standalone project.

Marketplace Listing Design

Marketplace listing design service allows you as a seller on numerous platforms (eBay, Amazon, etc) to standout from the rest and make that sale by looking more clean, organized and professional from the rest of the competition out there. Working with whichever platform you sell on, I design a fully responsive template for your type of product(s) and make it easy to update and generate new ones based off that template with the in-house developed listing generator. The listing generator allows you to simply plug in the data for that new product you are listing: title, specifications, images and anything else your product may need, click generate and it produces the code for you to copy and paste into the respective marketplace. Need to update a product, or base one off another one? No reason to enter all the data again, simply load up the desired one and get to editing.


Incorporating analytics into your web development project works hand in hand with your site to allow you to review and analyze the behavior of the vistors to your website. Some of the data I can set up for collection for you, but not limited to includes: traffic sources, referring sites, conversion rates and page views. Analytics can help you in numerous ways, it allows you to customize content to those who repeatedly visit, predict products customers are most and least likely to buy, observe geographic regions and their browsing/buying habits. Also, a major misconception I hear from clients is that eCommerce can only really benefit from the study of analytics. This is simply not true, an example would be, do you write a blog that has multiple subject matters covered? It would be nice to see which one of those subjects get the most interest in unique and return viewers? That is analytics in a nutshell, get to know your vistors, cater to them and make use of that website while building up a following/clientele base.

Technologies Used